Theatre & Written Truths



Dates: 08/27 - 08/31

Total Duration: 30hR

M-F, 09:00am - 3:00pm


In this weeks course students will create a theater production which will culminate with a full stage performances. This production will have ticket sales the students will receive full proceeds. Speeches, poems, dialogue and movement come together with rhythm, rhyme, call and response and other techniques creating a space where poetry and play erupt into a night of performance. As we explore and discover the sound of our truths we learn new methods of expressing ideas and are encouraged to creatively share what we find within ourselves with our community. As an extension of class all students will be featured alongside Mia X at this year's public art demonstration and celebration of love and power #hugtheblock. The rundown: Monday/Tuesday Written Truths, Wednesday/Thursday Theatre, Friday culminating event!

All classes offered to ages 8 - 16 yrs. Camp runs from 9am til 3pm with the option of early drop-off and pick up for an additional $50 fee. This camp includes breakfast & lunch. Keep in mind, all potential student forms and registration to be completed upon arrival of the first day of class. Spaces are limited to 10 spots, so  don't delay and register with us today!

We cant wait to make great art and opportunities with your budding prodigy!

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