Dates: 07/30 - 08/03

Total Duration: 30hR

M-F, 09:00am - 3:00pm


​This is a week long course exposing and exploring techniques of digital photography in this neo technological era! The still image has been the purest form of media arts. The capability of capturing life while allowing the viewer to cultivate the story the feel the image is trying to communicate. In this course students will find and explore the many aspects of capturing that perfect image. Studying aspect foreground, middleground and background. Lighting, shape and form. Students will be guided through their community capturing everyday life while allowing space for the viewer to imagine. This course will host a exhibit of student work upon completion.

All classes offered to ages 8 - 16 yrs. Camp runs from 9am til 3pm with the option of early drop-off and pick up for an additional $50 fee. This camp includes breakfast & lunch but will provide snacks. Keep in mind, all potential student forms and registration to be completed upon arrival of the first day of class. Spaces are limited to 10 spots, so  don't delay and register with us today!

We cant wait to make great art and opportunities with your budding prodigy!

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