Dates: 07/23 - 07/27

Total Duration: 30hR

M-F, 09:00am - 3:00pm


​This is a beginners course in sculptural arts, based in the Origami art form! Origami is noted back to 6th century Japan with this technique of folding paper was delivered by Buddhist monks. It is debated its origins derives from Egypt as a means created to measure and create mathematical form for building structures(architecture). In this class students will be guided through the techniques of creating origami sculpture. Cross blending a light intro to architecture students will a varied understanding of other tools and techniques of crafting pieces such as up-cycling! Upon completion of this week students will host their very own exhibit!

All classes offered to ages 8 - 16 yrs. Camp runs from 9am til 3pm with the option of early drop-off and pick up for an additional $50 fee. This camp does not include lunch but will provide snacks. Keep in mind, all potential student forms and registration to be completed upon arrival of the first day of class. Spaces are limited to 10 spots, so  don't delay and register with us today!

We cant wait to make great art and opportunities with your budding prodigy!

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