The Time Is Finally Upon US!

We have been working so hard for the past 6 months, since we officially LLC'd our company! This journey has been brilliantly hard and significantly rewarding. The work put in so far is only scratching the surface of what's to come. The impact on urban communities, the transformation through opportunity, and the contribution to economic development through entrepreneurial education. We are finally ready to fully unveil and introduce ourselves to the world! What better way than an outrageously lit LAUNCH PARTY!

"All black everything" is a celebration of every facet of black culture! If you didn’t know, we at KFeast have a great sense of pride and self love that we want to exude and share with our community! As we step forward and reinvent while expand/

perfect our ideals and plans for future projects, we make it a point to ALWAYS pull in the energetic vibez as a key component to this work! This launch party is the kick-off to the many exciting plans and ideas Kulture Feast has been cooking up! Programming and opportunity that effects the social, emotional and economic impact of our community! We are celebrating, and raising funds to get several steps closer to the complete manifestation of empowerment as a tool of liberation.

"Ground Control 2 Major Tom"

Launch will include

-Special guest performances: TBA

-Catered Yummies(cbd infused options): TBA

-Free wine & beer bar

-Special DJ Guest:TBA

-Art Auction

-Unveiling of New KFeast Merch

Can't make it? No worries, donation option is still available!

Tickets proceeds go to fundraising causes such as:

*The grand launch of our Non-Profit: KFeast Arts Education & Community Cultivation

*The Merch Market: Artist Crafts & Creation Market

*Launch Party Goodies! and many more!


Our we on our way goal is $3000

Our we got this goal is $5000

Our we Movin ON UP goal is $10,000

As Kulture Feast Steps into the New Year we have been hard at work restructuring the foundation in which our organization operates. We are launching key components that will support and nurture growth while allowing us to offer the best work possible. These components include our non-profits KFeast Arts Ed & Community Cultivation, as well KFeast Artist Families Housing. Our for profit launch of KFeast includes Arts Events, Artist Collectives, Merch Markets and much more.


But what does this mean?


KFeast Arts Ed & Community Cultivation


This program is catered to pioneering intentional training and education for creatives in urban communities. Forging new pathways that offer abundance in resources and opportunity. Opportunities that foster economic independence, while nurturing a professional creative edge.

KFeast Artist Housing & Residency

Let's just say we get it! Kulture Feast creator and administration are well acquainted with the life of an artist, the life of..... well LIFE!!!!! The need for stability and SUSTAINABLITY of the foundation, the home front is a HUMAN right that we humblely understand, accept and dare to be brave enough to offer a drop in the bucket to offer! For these reasons we have been laying the groundwork to offer housing combined with studio residencies in 2020!

This and so much more is store and we are just boiling over inside with excitement...........


© 2023 Kulture Feast LLC.

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