"A number 2 pencil, a sheet of paper and a dream inspired an artistic tantrum that manifested into what is now KultureFeast. Poured out of the heart and mind of founder Tina Ndgo Hill, who aspired to combine her passion for art & culture to nourish the urban communities around the world!"

The intention is to fill the void present in Arts Education & Artist Development provided to urban communities. This, accomplished by offering mentorships, internships, portfolio building, partnered programs with artistic institutions as well as businesses, and not failing to mention the involvement of professional and working artist. We are engaging the urban community with opportunities to create, build and reflect beauty into their surroundings. Empowered with the presence of their own voices in our muralist programs while cultivating their own choices through our propelling system. Our aim is to rehabilitate  urban communities one brilliant mind at a time.

"It was six years ago when what started as KultureFood came to the heart and mind of Ndgo."

A friend challenged her to writing a poem that exemplifies passion, and  empathy for the current state of today's youth. Understanding the correlation between art, culture and the community, spawned a poem expressing the need for guidance as well as a break through by use of artistic expression and cultural awareness. The poem became a vision, the vision a hope, and the hope now a reality. This is the result of  dreams manifested and powered by belief. This is the core in which KultureFeast thrives. The philosophy that power of the mind and guidance in that understanding will produce a positive charged environment.

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